So I went last night to youth group.  I haven’t been in a while, and that is probably because I haven’t been a youth for a while.  The only reason I attended last night was because my son was speaking.  Funniest part of the night was when he was done, someone said they expected him to talk longer.  This child is obviously my son.  He did well, the kids were very cool, fairly quiet and listened.  I love communication, so it was a fun moment for me to see him step out at a young age and get his feet wet.  To stick his neck out there and not have the fear of the unknown drive him.  OK, so maybe he is not so much like me?


I am ecstatic for him, encouraged by him and I am thankful that he has stepped out to test this ability.  I love that God is prompting him, and that he is trying to listen.  That is the prayer I have for all the men in my life.

He was kind of nervous about me being there, and I told him not to worry “If you screw up, I will love you just the same as if you do great”.  For me, the whole night was not based on how he would do, but on what he would learn through the process.  Good job Geno!!