How do I respond?  That is becoming my favorite question nowadays.  It is a question that I love, because I think it takes a lot of pressure off of me.  I do not tend to respond quickly, I try and ask the question first, and then wait for an answer.  Hopefully there is time to get that answer, but thankfully, when time is not on my side God seems to be bringing answers even before the questions are asked.

I got a text last night from a friend, and she was heart sick.  You see, she saw a pastor on YouTube, speaking to his congregation about the horrific nightclub shooting in Orlando.  He had no compassion for the dead or wounded, and he expressed his happiness over their deaths.  She texted me because I am her friend and she felt she could trust me.  I am glad about that.  I am also glad that in the past couple of years I have tried to read, listen, and learn more about Jesus.  In doing that, I felt able to speak to her last night, and I hope that she was comforted.

How do I respond?  I will always try to ask the question, or see if I have already gotten the answer.  Wait what if I don’t know?  How do I respond?  I guess I am just going to make a  default setting, command L.  Respond in Love!