Ok, so I love my hubby.  Why?  Not sure.  That is how God made me or something to that effect.  One thing that I love about him, is that he pushes me to do things that are not comfortable for me.  He is finding the balance of how to motivate me and not just make me mad.  One of the things that he pushes me to do is travel.  I love to be at different places, but I am not a great traveler.  I hate mountain roads, excessive traffic, crazy drivers, airplanes, boats, you get the point. 

 So a couple of weeks ago we had to take my son his tires that he ordered for his truck.  Who knew Fed Ex would deliver tires?  He lives in the mountains east of Fresno near the town of Dunlap.  So of course my husband says, if we are so close to Kings Canyon National Park, we have to go visit, and so we did. I just snapped a few pictures….

Such a pretty meadow by the visitors center in Kings Canyon
So good to see blue sky!  
So much brown in the trees.  Between the bark beetle and the drought, it is heartbreaking and scary


I was thinking of this trip since we will be going the same way tomorrow to visit the Cat Haven.  It is a park that is home to a number of big cats, and it is basically the same route to get there.  Which means I had better be prepared, as I am sure we will make it up to Kings Canyon again for a short visit.