Who am I? I guess I am the girl who wanted to be a writer, but became discouraged. Maybe I am the girl who wanted to be a dancer. The one who used to dance in her sisters closet, wearing her mother’s heels as she tapped away on the wood floor. I never took lessons as a child, and my tap dancing proves it. What really gets me though, is that I can’t even remember asking my mother if that was something I could do? I just secretly danced in the closet. I also guess that I was hiding. Regardless, I am tired of being in the closet. I am tired of keeping quiet about who I am and who I feel I should be. I used to be a liar. Many times, the lies were to cover something that I had done wrong, or something I was supposed to do, but didn’t. I am just now realizing that there seemed to be a side effect to the lies. The lie started to become my life. How I truly felt, what my actions should be, or who I really was became part of the lie. I was more afraid of what people would think, than being afraid of not being who God made me to be. When I realized that lying was hurting my relationship with my husband, I asked God to help me to stop. And He did. I do not lie any more, but there was a funny side effect. I not only became more honest with my husband, but I started to become more honest with myself. I started writing in journals, this was so I could let the honesty out. Even though I do not lie to my husband, I still have a hard time being totally who I am, even with him. And in so many ways, that sucks. We have talked about it recently and while I think I am getting better, I still feel like I hold back. I am not sure if that is because I don’t want to reveal my inner self to him, or if it is because I am still finding out who that inner self is?   
So I guess this blog is just a journey as to who I am. I am a wife, daughter, mother, teacher and friend of God. I am going to try and be no holds barred in this space. If you are looking for juicy, edgy and crazy stuff, this is probably not the place for you. If you are a harried mother, insecure woman, wishful thinker, crazy wife or closet dancer you might see yourself here. I promise to be honest, an open book. This blog is not really about what I hope to accomplish, it is more of an obedience/God/discipline thing. They say in preschool, it is the process, not the product. Well I can guarantee you, there may not be a product, but you will definitely see a lot of process. It will be messy, tearful, complicated but hopefully encouraging. Process.