Well my husband bought me a present this weekend, and it was pretty sweet since I knew nothing about it.  I handle the finances, so it is really hard for him to buy something for me without me knowing.  He has really been trying to get me to write for a long time now, it is just that I don’t think he knew how to encourage me.  I don’t even think I knew how to tell him to encourage me?  This weekend he received a package, and while it caught my attention for a minute, I got distracted doing something else and forgot all about it.  A short time later, I noticed that my Apple user ID was used on a new device, a MacBook.  Since my husband also has a MacBook and was sitting right next to me, I wondered why he was signing me in on his machine?  He is my IT guy, so I pretty much let him take the reins with our computers anyway, so I just ignored it.   A little while later as we were both sitting at our dining table, I remembered the box.  There it sat, opened, with nothing in it?  It was then that I took a better look at my husband and noticed that he did not only have one MacBook, but had one sitting on top of the other.  He was hiding it from me!     Now the scary thing was we had been sitting there for a while before I even noticed!  Very sad as I am usually much more observant than that.  He told me that it was for me!  He knew I hated writing in the room where our desktop computer is, and my Ipad does not always have the capabilities I need.  I was so excited, but I also felt like the gauntlet had been thrown down.  This was not so I could surf the internet, shop or send out tweets (which I am still trying to get used to) this was so I could get to the business of writing.  Or at least trying to get my voice out there.   It is nice when someone has faith in you.  This one act has encouraged me more this weekend, than all of the words that he has tried over the many years.     Why?  I have no idea?  Maybe it is the right time, or my frame of mind is in the right place.  Regardless of the why, I am excited by the gift, and I am amazed how comfortable I am using the new machine.  It was late when I started this post, and it is typically something that I do not do.  I typically write in the morning, and like perfect surroundings.  That is not what I have tonight.  I have distractions around me and it is past my bedtime, but here I am writing this, compelled by the gratefulness of a little faith.  Thank you Mike!