As I closed the door to the office, I wondered if it was a message to me.  I had gone there to pitch myself for a job.  It was almost exactly two years ago, and I was feeling a pull for something else.  What was that something else, I wasn’t sure?  So when you feel that pull, where do you go?  To your pastor.  Or your BFF, your therapist, the dog or maybe even the local bartender.  I am a God kind of girl, so I went to the pastor first.  I don’t have a dog, nor a therapist and I was keeping the bartender for the end as my method of last resort.  They had plans, a new vision.  So as I spoke to one and then another, I asked the question to myself, do their plans include me?  It was on that second visit that I remember the door.

I was leaving their office, which is located in a converted home.  Being the somewhat timid person I am, I turned around and quietly shut the door, as to not make a loud exit.  It was then that the door caught my attention.  It closed, as doors tend to do.  It was then I thought, is this my answer?  Even though we had an excellent meeting, the door closing made an impression.   We always pray for a door to be closed to help us make decisions.  Our problem is when we see it closed, we then try to slide in through the mail slot.

I think of that door often, when I get frustrated.   I have a picture in my mind of that day, as I stood there watching it close.  I guess that was not the way for me.  So here I am sitting, writing and trying in my own way to open my own door.