I think we can say that the summer is officially over.  We have just returned home from a long weekend at Lake Shasta.  It was a great time, and we saw family who we had not seen in a while.  It is always great to see everyone, spend some time catching up and sharing a lot of laughs.  We even drove a little ways up the highway to see Mt. Shasta, but the pictures my hubby took were a little hazy.  Visibility is bad as there is smoke in the air all up and down California due to various fires.  Since I hate the highways and my husband cannot go in a straight line, we took many backroads and exploIMG_4320red a little.  It took us longer, but the lack of traffic made it a much more enjoyable trip.

We visited the now defunct Rancho Seco Nuclear power plant outside of Sacramento.  I love that it is now surrounded by solar panels.

We then split up in Sacramento and hit two museums at a time. My husband went to the California State Railroad museum, and my son and I went to the California Automobile Museum.  Geno was in seventh heaven!

We stayed at a wonderful little place called Salt Creek Resort.  It was small, but it was a great place.The cabins had everything we needed, all we had to do was bring some bedding and food. The whole place was taken up by family, so it was a fantastic weekend full of food, wine and laughter.   And our view of the trestle crossing the lake, was the best spot to sit in the morning.  IMG_4342Summer is officially over, and  I can’t think of a more perfect way to end it!!