So Scott left yesterday and before we went our separate ways, we had a conversation about the state of the union.  We are both realists, but I have a heavy dose of optimism that helps me deal with looking at the facts.  He does not.  It was strange to sit and listen to my son articulate so well a viewpoint that I can understand, but ultimately must fight against.  I must have hope!  So in that spirit, I am penning a few thoughts.  

 – Pray.  God is in control no matter who wins.  And neither candidate is His choice.

 – Please listen to the words coming out of your mouth.  They may be poisonous.  Choose to speak life!

 – Trust the process.  The election process is run by your neighbors.  You trust them to watch your home when you’re gone, they bring you soup when you’re sick and you celebrate the holidays with them.  They are not here to steal an election from you. 

 – Put away your fire arms.  People will get hurt.  (Jeez Louise!!)

 – Don’t be scared.  You can be concerned, but if you start acting because of fear, that is when it will hit the fan.  And unfortunately right now, both sides are peddling fear to us all.  

 – If you think all is lost because your candidate did not win, you are wrong.  Our country has some hard work to do, and the person in the Oval Office can help or hinder it.  The fact is though the hard work is ours to do regardless.  

 – You are not 100% right.  How can I know this?  Because none of us are!  

Scott told me of letters that he had read.  They were written by normal men who were fighting in a war.  They were shocked to realize they were fighting and killing people they knew.  Fighting their own neighbors.  People they had much in common with.  There is nothing civil about war, whether it be fought with guns or with words. 

Again, my hope is not in a person, but in a Creator.  And I believe He has created us all out of His great love for us!  So today and into the future we who look to Jesus and choose to follow His example get to only respond in one way.  And that’s in LOVE.  Anything else is garbage.  So if I see you today…. I love you!  And may God give me the strength to continue to respond in love to all people for the rest of my days!