“…..in their own self interests”  That was the part of the sentence that caught my eye.  As I make decisions regarding the pandemic and how it will shape how I act in the coming days, shouldn’t I take into account more than my own self interests?  

The book of Judges is one of my favorites in the Bible.  If you haven’t read it, I would encourage you to crack it open but don’t expect the warm fuzzies.  Why I like it so much is because it’s opened my eyes to how humanity acts, and why we so needed saving.  At the end of the book there is a tale of people who do “whatever seemed right in their own eyes” with horrific results.  Is that who we are?   

So as we go through this crazy time,   (I wanted to use unprecedented but didn’t since it’s so overused now) I would ask that instead of looking out for just yourself, you would also look to your community.  These are your neighbors.  The real people you know, laugh with, care for, put up with and love.  Let’s stop seeing this through the lens of the media, twitter, FB and our political filter.  

All those things add distortion to what you are seeing, and clarity is what we all need right now.  If you really want to know what’s going on, concentrate on those directly around you.  That is your truth!  Let’s work to keep each other safe, lend a helping hand and encourage one another!  

Above all else, respond in LOVE.  When we choose love, we’re giving back control to the One who is truly in control anyway.   And in His hands we can find truth, peace and the oh so needed love to share in a hurting world.