Uvalde.  When these things happen we say a lot of things.  We are shocked and saddened, but do we really take the time to mourn?  For a few days, let’s try that.  Let’s just mourn together. I know as American’s we really hate the whole death/mourning thing.  We are all so focused on moving on, and maybe that’s part of the problem.  Instead, let our collective shock and sadness be our common ground.  Let the pain of the victims families and the pain in our communities move us to resolve, that no one should know this pain again!

I get it, no one wants to sit in that pain for any amount of time.  Until we all do, I wonder if we will ever find the common ground needed to make a real difference. Let’s not start debating immediately. All that happens then is the defenses come up and nothings happens.  We need to take a long look in the mirror, grieve together and seek wisdom from above.  All of us can agree that this should be the last school shooting ever! No one ever wants this to happen again, yet it seems we refuse to stay united in our grief.  It seems we’re more worried about our own rights, than the lives of others.  Than the lives of children…..

May God grant us mercy and wisdom……To which we say Amen.