I AM.  God’s name.  I have always thought it was kind of a weird name, I mean really…. I AM.  Well of course you are?

It wasn’t until this week, when I was actually doing a script for our preK class, that I got a better idea of what it meant for me. So as I read the story of Moses, a new sentence jumped out at me.  It was something I’d never remember thinking about, but today I heard something different.d2ca09d8868423819bd7b85d27b29d6e

It wasn’t really what God said, but something Moses said that caught my attention.  God had just told Moses that he was going to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt.  Moses then starts arguing with God, telling him all the reasons why he was the wrong man for the job.   Moses asks, “who am I”, and in that question, I found a different way to look at God’s name.
God is the I AM.  You can put anything you need after that statement, and it works.  I AM holy.  I AM truth.  I AM wise.  I AM peace.  I AM joy.  The I AM statement about God is always true, but like Moses, for me it doesn’t work so well.  The I am statement does not fully describe me, there is always an asterisk.

I am encouraging.*  Except when I am tired, have given it all out already and haven’t sought out my own encouragement from God.

I am patient.*  Except when I’ve done all the calculations in my brain already, made a decision and have to wait for others to make theirs.

I am generous.*  Only after God has to remind me that He’s got my back, and the resources at my disposal are truly to share.

I am a good listener.*  Except when I have to listen too long.  Ugh!

These are things that I strive to be.  Some of these are even my gifts and come fairly easily to me.  Can I do them right all the time though?  NO.  God is all those things and more!  He can do them right all of the time.  He fulfills the purpose of his name perfectly.  I AM.

Everything I need, hope for, dream about and strive to share is found in that name.