So I am finally back to the end of my story.  I know it seems long putting this into three parts, but for me, all of the parts were important.  So if you are coming in at the end, I would encourage you to read Encouragement 1.0 and 2.0 before reading this one.  In the bible there are four gospels, which are basically the accounts of Jesus life as told by four different authors.  So you will find this story in the bible in a couple of different places.  During this sermon though, the speaker was reading out the book of Mark.

So at this point in our story, Jesus and his friends have returned to their side of the lake.  The last we hear of the man who was healed, was that he “started off to visit the Ten Towns.”  We find out that this man did not just tell his family what Jesus had done, but he told everyone.  How do we know this?  Well that question gets answered later in our story.  Mark goes on to relate other stories of Jesus.  He traveled around, went before people and taught them, fed them and healed them.  Time has passed, and Jesus again goes across the lake with His disciples, but this time they get a very different reaction.  Later in Mark 6, it says they landed again in Gennesaret, they climbed out and Jesus was immediately recognized.  People spread the word throughout the area that Jesus was back.  When they did, they immediately brought out those who were sick and anyone who needed healing.  All He touched were healed.

This part of the story was something that spoke to me in a way that has caused some minor ripple effects in my life.  The people came looking for healing, and they found it because one man told his story.  Jesus did not tell this man to evangelize the region, but that is what happened, because he told his story.  Since he did that, it gave Jesus the opportunity to connect with people, to heal them and to show mercy.   It is the perfect example for me.  As I continue to try and express what is happening in my life with words, I keep trying to see where it is all leading.  What is the grand scheme?  The problem with that line of thinking is that it always leads me to stress and anxiety.  The example of this man though, helps me to know that I have one simple job.  To tell my story.