So today is May 25th, National Tap Dance Day.  It is kind of ironic in light of a few facts.  One, my blog started off talking about my dancing in the closet when I was a kid.   Specifically tap dancing in the closet.  Second, I had just sent a video to my husband yesterday by the Syncopated Ladies.  This is a group of very talented ladies, doing a tap number to “When doves cry” by Prince.  I sent the video to him and let him know that I want to do that!  So today he was researching how to make me a tap board.  It is just a small platform, for lack of a better term, that I can tap on.  We were looking at a couple of YouTube videos and making some plans so I can start learning, when all of a sudden we learned it was National Tap Dance Day.  I really do think God has an amazing sense of humor.

I am thinking that by the next celebration of this holiday, I need to be a tap dancer.  I already have my tap shoes, as they are a holdover from when I lived in San Jose.  I had just started taking some classes through the rec department when we had to move.  I guess it is now time to dust them off and get them ready for a new challenge.  The closet will no longer be my studio.  It is funny, I guess this will be part of my journey.  While it may seem silly or even a stupid goal when you look at the problems of the world, for me it is just another step in becoming the woman God made me to be.  A woman with a tender heart, who lives honestly and tries to reflect the amazing relationship that I have with Jesus.  Is tap dancing a part of that reflection?  Crazy as it sounds, I totally think so!!