So today is a big day in our household.  My youngest son, Gene, is about to graduate from high school.  I thought I was ok with everything?   I mean I was not feeling emotional or getting sappy, going about my day in a pretty normal way, until I had to go to the store.  I had gotten a text stating that my photo order was ready, which it wasn’t, then I basically had a panic attack about having enough time to bake a cake.  This was all ridiculous since it was only 11:00 in the morning and dinner was not until 5:30!

img_0218It was then I realized that I was probably feeling something.  What though was the question?  Gene is my youngest, so him graduating is something of a watershed moment for me.  I mean, he really hasn’t paid attention to me for years, so there is really  is not much difference in our relationship.  All of my boys are pretty independent, but Gene was that way from a very early age.  I will now be a mother to four men, instead of four boys.  That makes me happy.  I do not miss those boys, because they have grown into men that I like.  They are not perfect, but they have qualities that make me thankful.  They are loyal, love their family, love God and are more than willing to help a friend in need.  Even to their own detriment.  While we have made mistakes in raising them, they love us like we were the most perfect of parents.  So today as we celebrate this graduation day I wanted to say to all of my men;  Scott, Bob, Matt and Geno, I love you.  You make me the happiest mom in the history of time!