UnknownSome years ago I was at a conference listening to a Priscilla Shirer, who writes bible studies, books and speaks to encourage women.  I totally enjoyed her talk, but there was one point she made that became something that I try to live by.  She told the group of women, “don’t be spoon fed the gospel.”

Since then, I still listen to sermons on Sunday mornings, on podcasts and I am involved in bible studies with other women.  All of these I still consider being “spoon fed” information.  Yes, even the bible study books we do!  It is God’s word filtered through someone else’s lens.  So, to take her advice, I make sure that I spend time doing bible reading on my own and contemplating what it means in my own life. (Then typically writing about it)The great thing is that I can go to the source, the bible.  Now if you don’t believe in the bible, you may be like whatever, but wait!  Don’t leave me yet.  As a Christian, I should go to the source of my faith right?  So no one can take it and twist it to their own particular point of view.  That is what made sense to me a couple of years ago, and that is what makes sense to me now.  Well if it works for biblical history, I thought it makes sense for any kind of history.

So the other day I was reading a diary that was written by a German man in 1933.  It was fascinating to just read his observations, and not someone’s Readers Digest version of what he saw.  So today, I continued to look for original information so that I can find truth, not someone else’s version of it.  (And I was able to find the information below) And while there is so much crap on the internet, you can also find original letters and documents.


In this day and age of “truth” being relative, or slanted according to the perspective of whomever is reporting, I would encourage you to not be “spoon fed” anything, whether it is the gospel, history or the news of the day.