IMG_8720Advent.  It is a new tradition for me, so the first Sunday of Advent almost passed me by.  Yikes!  It is not my fault!  I don’t come from a background where Advent is celebrated, so it just kind of snuck up on me.  I was barely over the turkey and it just appeared! 

So just like anything in my life, I take what is celebrated by many and use it for my own nefarious purposes.  Ok…. Maybe not nefarious, but I definitely do make it my own.  I need to have help in keeping focused, and writing helps.  I tend to be shall we say….. wordy.  So if I have to post something, like for Advent, it helps me to focus and get the writing done.  

So today I need to write.  But what?  Isn’t that always the question?  So as I sit here, my mind goes to what I heard today.  Jesus changed the world!   How did He do it?  Well He gave His life for ALL PEOPLE!  Then, He sent a bunch of no name, normal, everyday people out to do amazing things!  The great thing is, those same men and women who did so much, are just like us.  We have the same love, mercy and grace that propelled those who came before us.  But do we have the same focus that they did?  

I am not sure, but this year during Advent I want to have that focus.  The kind of focus to shut out everything in this world that distracts me from what this season is really about.  God….and His great love for all of us.  How that great love came to this earth as a baby.  The beginning of His master plan to redeem the world.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing else should matter, and God willing He will make it so.