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How He speaks to me…..Or… can't He just call my cell when He wants to talk?



Enjoying the joy!

So today I was thinking, I haven’t written in my blog in a couple of days.  How can I be a writer if I don’t write?    Since my blog is typically the things that I see God teaching me, I was kinda stressed that I did not have anything to write about.  Is He ignoring me?  Am I ignoring Him?  I then took a good look at my week and calmed down.

I have been working on a children’s story that I wrote about eight years ago, so I really haven’t been idle, but   it is hard though when there is no feedback.  When I write in the blog, I at least feel like I accomplish something when I hit the post button.  Editing a story, is much less satisfying.  I am telling you, every day is a battle in my own brain.

This evening though, I felt that my mind is in a better pla63419-keep-calm-and-love-cookingce.  How do I know?  Well it has to do with some of the other things I have been doing this week.  I have been doing some deep cleaning in my kitchen, tap dancing and cooking.   Why are these things important?  Well if I am not writing, I feel guilty.  When I feel guilty, I start getting fearful, I doubt and have a hard time being productive in anything I am doing.  This week though, I tried to find some balance.  The balance that I need between writing, taking care of my family, working on my own insecurities and trying to be who I think God wants me to be.  I am not sure if I got the balance right this week, but I feel like I made a better attempt.

It then hit me that God had been speaking to me this week, I just needed all of the pieces to come together to see it.   He gave me a vision of what my life can look like, when I am not living in the land of doubt and fear.  When I choose to live like I say I believe, and trust Him.  From the outside it may not look really different, but to the inside of me, it is like night and day.

But make everyone rejoice who puts his trust in you. Keep them shouting for joy because you are defending them. Fill all who love you with your happiness.  Psalm 51:11 NLT

What I will remember

cropped-cropped-image311.jpegI found it really hard to write my thoughts today, so I thought I would keep it really short.  What I will “Never Forget” from September 11, 2001.

I will never forget to pray for those who lost family and friends on this day.

I will never forget the heroes that ran into danger, and not away from it.

I will never forget the time when we all put our collective hopes and prayers together, for the safety and well-being of people we didn’t even know.

I will never forget the time when everyone asked, “Is there something I can do?”

I will never forget the time where so many people did so many little things, to create one large effort to care for our fellow citizens.

I will never forget to be prepared.  To ask God now to give me the strength for the future, where I may need to run to and not from danger.



Of football and flags

I am not one of the 49er Faithful, but I do live in that territory.  I have always been a Cowboy fan, you know America’s Team, and I typically spend my time during football season getting picked on by my family and friends.

This week was kind of interesting for me though, as I seemed to be on the other side for once.  Colin Kaepernick caused such a stink this week with his refusal to stand for the National Anthem.  I knew nothing about it until the day after when I saw social media blowing up about the incident.  Even die hard Kaep fans really gave him a tongue lashing.   I wasn’t too interested in it, because my own team has it’s own quarterback problems, and it took me a day or two more to really check the situation out.  Continue reading “Of football and flags”

Tap dance as life.

Viva La Revolution!!  And I do not mean some kind of violent upheaval, I mean the spinning around till you get back to the start.  That is where I am today, back to getting some tapping done.  I am trying to be mindful of everything that is going on in the world, but life goes on.  And isn’t that why we continue to address the same issues?  Life must go on.  I have to work, pay bills, care for my family, exercise, eat right and try to encourage/instruct my children.  (still!!)

I was tapping this morning (yikes) and I found that one step was really hard for me, because of one little problem.  I was having a hard time with my weight on my heel and bringing my other foot off the floor.  It was all a matter of balance.  I felt awkward and terribly clumsy, but kept working on it.  After thinking it through, watching the video and practicing that one part repeatedly it finally felt better.  It probably did not look perfect, but it did feel a little more natural. Continue reading “Tap dance as life.”

Where is justice?

So today as I watch the news and watch officer involved shootings, I am…?  I am not even sure.  I am angry and upset.  I am so sad that families will be going through the emotional roller coaster, that is now their new normal.  I am tired of seeing the same bad decision making, incident after incident.

I called my son, because I knew he would be angry.  As I spoke with him, I tried to work through what I was thinking, while giving him what I hoped would be wisdom.  So I told my son that the best way we can do something at this point would be  personal.  (At this point, I had a whole paragraph of some of the things that I think need to be addressed, but trying to keep opinion out and see what God teaches me through this.) Continue reading “Where is justice?”

How do I respond?

How do I respond?  That is becoming my favorite question nowadays.  It is a question that I love, because I think it takes a lot of pressure off of me.  I do not tend to respond quickly, I try and ask the question first, and then wait for an answer.  Hopefully there is time to get that answer, but thankfully, when time is not on my side God seems to be bringing answers even before the questions are asked.

I got a text last night from a friend, and she was heart sick.  You see, she saw a pastor on YouTube, speaking to his congregation about the horrific nightclub shooting in Orlando.  He had no compassion for the dead or wounded, and he expressed his happiness over their deaths.  She texted me because I am her friend and she felt she could trust me.  I am glad about that.  I am also glad that in the past couple of years I have tried to read, listen, and learn more about Jesus.  In doing that, I felt able to speak to her last night, and I hope that she was comforted.

How do I respond?  I will always try to ask the question, or see if I have already gotten the answer.  Wait what if I don’t know?  How do I respond?  I guess I am just going to make a  default setting, command L.  Respond in Love!

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