Viva La Revolution!!  And I do not mean some kind of violent upheaval, I mean the spinning around till you get back to the start.  That is where I am today, back to getting some tapping done.  I am trying to be mindful of everything that is going on in the world, but life goes on.  And isn’t that why we continue to address the same issues?  Life must go on.  I have to work, pay bills, care for my family, exercise, eat right and try to encourage/instruct my children.  (still!!)

I was tapping this morning (yikes) and I found that one step was really hard for me, because of one little problem.  I was having a hard time with my weight on my heel and bringing my other foot off the floor.  It was all a matter of balance.  I felt awkward and terribly clumsy, but kept working on it.  After thinking it through, watching the video and practicing that one part repeatedly it finally felt better.  It probably did not look perfect, but it did feel a little more natural.

I thought that it was a pretty good analogy of my journey, and probably of many others.  We try to find the right balance.  The balance between all that stuff we have to do to make our lives work.  Then there are the goals and improvements I am trying to achieve in my own character.  Then there are the bigger issues of our country, that need us all to be involved to bring solutions.   We all face this to some extent, but the question is: Am I going to keep seeking balance?  Even when I look clumsy, awkward or unnatural?  Or when my heart is willing, but my efforts may not look perfect yet?  (Which opens me to other people judgement) Do we keep practicing until what felt weird, feels better?     Well, I am going to try.

Just like the step I practiced this morning, I am going to keep thinking about the problems that we face and I am going to watch and listen to peoples stories so I can see things from all sides.   Above all, I am going to practice what God puts on my heart.  I will do it even though it does not feel natural, and I am going to keep doing it until it does.

What do you think?  Are you overwhelmed with the whole balance thing?  Are you a frustrated tap dancer?  Or are you someone trying to find out what your role is in making this a better world?  Leave a comment, I would love to hear your story!