I am more of a sunshine type of girl, but now we are in December, and I marvel at how dark it gets. Even now as I look out the window, there are storm clouds in the sky with patches of the dark sky showing through. The clouds, sky and even the trees in my yard are all shades of black and gray. Cold, dark and somewhat ominous. In the clouds there is a promise of storms, but also of life giving rain. There is also a reflection in my window, it is the Christmas tree with it’s pure white lights. A distinct contrast to the darkness outside.

I thank God today for the birth of His Son, and for the work that would take 32 years to accomplish on earth. I am thankful on that day so long ago…that the work was already done. That there was nothing in heaven or earth to stop the blessing that would come forth.

I also thank God that, even though we may not know the exact day of His birth, we celebrate it in winter. At the time of year that truly reflects our fallen state; darkness, cold and separation. Against this backdrop we contrast the light of the world.  Where He is truly reflected for who He is. Light, peace and above all hope.

**This was something that I wrote a couple of years ago, but it came back to me as I was looking at this picture.  The day was a combination of shadows and light.  It was warm in the light, but very cold when you stepped into the dark shadows.  I had cropped this picture to get some of the light out of it, so that I could have a uniform look.   I was not totally successful, as you will see that there is just a hint of sunshine in the left hand corner.