I chose to do a little confessing today, so I wrote a post for the church blog.   I figured if I was going to come clean, then I might as well do it in front of everyone.  Enjoy!

So it started off on really good footing. I like the days that I go to church and the pastor is speaking to someone else. You know, you do not have that feeling that he is talking directly to you. Well I thought that this was my Sunday. He was speaking to “other” people today, not really to me. He was addressing some very relevant issues that were pointed straight at the church. The very issue of the “Do’s and Don’ts of Christianity. The rules that we get hung up on that keep us from really being able to do the “love one another” thing that we are supposed to be known for.
Anyway, since I have already been feeling this, I am loaded and ready. This was not going to be pointed at me, no sir, this was pointed at those narrow minded, rule keeping stubborn folks. The one’s that forget the fact that without some divine (Holy Spirit) power, it is near impossible to have conversations with non-believers about sin. Especially when we use our “christian speak”. I like to start with the whole grace/love thing before we slide into something a little more heavy like sin or post trib/pre trib theology.

So I sat back and waited for the fur to fly, and instead got one right between the eyes. Where does he start? With my number two sin. How could he? What was he thinking? I guess I should have been glad he did not start with my number one downfall, which shall remain nameless, but you may be able to figure out by the end of this post. Anyway, where does he start? Do not fear.

For me, fear is sin. I could go into a long discussion with examples of how it affects my life, and the many areas where it rears its ugly head. That would make a very long post, and I am not trying to write War and Peace. All I can tell you is that fear is something I battle every day. I know it is truly a problem (sin) in my life, because it causes me to either do or not do certain things. Many times the actions it affects are things that I believe God has truly asked me to do. So when he brought up fear, it was totally from left field. I had an out of body experience (Ok not really but kinda) laughing at my shocked self, and thinking how God had just pinned me to the mat. I was not getting out of here unscathed, and I was glad.

You see I do not want to fear anything. I want to seek out that woman that is in me. The one God created me to be. So I listened, and gained hope. In that short (?) sermon I was encouraged yet again. This year, I have my own verse. It was during Christmastime that I heard Luke 2:10 in a different way than ever before. “Good News, Great Joy, All People”. Pastor also used it during the service, and I had forgotten how the verse started. FEAR NOT. I mean really, could God have made it any more clear that He was talking straight to me? Was I going to listen to part of the verse and not the rest?

So today, I am choosing not to fear. I feel that God has given me a clear message, that I want to follow as best as I can. Besides, if I don’t listen to this I can only imagine His next move. More sermons with my name on them, trumpets, plagues and don’t even get me started on angels.