IMG_7220.jpgI was talking with a friend the other day.  It had been a while so we chatted about this and that, but we eventually came to the situation that had been happening at my church.  We’ve known each other for years, and during that time I have always gone there. She felt bad.  She knew of my love for my church and how it is a big part of my life.  It is where I worship, learn and serve.  I mean, that is part of my life everywhere I go, but church is obviously the place I naturally live out my faith.

Any how…. She told me that she didn’t call me, because she didn’t want to gossip about the situation.  She relayed to me how she first found out.  She was out and about and at two different times, in two different places, people were talking about it.  Discussing the details, and in one instance even flashing a picture of one of those involved.  It hurt my heart to hear about how others were just talking about it as if it was just a typical topic of conversation.   For not recognizing it for what it was, a tragedy.

UnknownMy mind went back to my one and only conversation with someone from our congregation about the situation.  That also had left a bad taste in my mouth.  Standing there, listening to someone give an opinion about things that didn’t even matter.  I decided that I wouldn’t do that anymore.  My friend though, her words made me think.  I was surprised by her hesitancy to make contact with me, but it did my heart good.  She wanted to steer clear of anything that smacked of gossip.  Just talking about a situation that served no other purpose than to speculate, detail and opinionate.  I was thankful that at least someone was being mindful.

imagesSo we did talk about it, but in how it affected my family, and not about all the details.   We talked of strength, hope, faith, and comfort to those who are involved.  Above all she gave me love, and that helped most of all in the soothing of a hurting heart