IMG_8153It’s so funny how God speaks to me.  Or maybe what’s really funny is how I listen?  I told my husband the other day that I had never dreamed about being a writer.  Like, that is what I want to do when I grow up!  Nope….never felt that way.  Writing for me is more about submission and therapy?  I write to submit my thoughts and feelings to God, and ask Him to help me sort through them.  To move from knowledge to wisdom.  Well…hopefully.



Anyway, I woke up the other morning with a song playing in my head.  I have come to really love the song because it is what I believe.  It’s how I’ve seen God work in my life and in the life of my family.  So I wanted to hear the song, out of my head this time, and found it on the internet. There was an interview with the artist though that caught my attention, and one question in particular.  The interviewer asked “How do you find the balance between highlighting your faith and creating modern music?”  The answer didn’t really matter to me as much as the question.  Is there a problem with having faith and making modern music?  Is this person a Christian artist or are they a Christian who uses music as their means to communicate?  Does it matter?  I know to some people it does, but do we do a disservice by putting people in a box?

I thought of how God has always used music in my life to encourage me.  Even secular music.  You see I have a confession to make.  I get really bored with some Christian music.  In the morning, I don’t really want to listen to the tempo of a ballad or a worship song.  I really want something upbeat that helps me get moving.  In my car there are five programmed stations, and only two are Christian radio.  Oh plus….I always have to turn it if they are talking too much.  Morning radio hosts…. Ugh!!

IMG_0143So I was encouraged and felt really good as I made my way to work.  The Christian station was playing some of the songs that I love to hear, and I made it to the next town where I work before they slowed it down.  At that point I laughed and jokingly said to God, cuz ya know…He is my co-pilot.  “You can play me something on this radio station too.”  And sure enough He did.  “Faith” by George Michael was on the radio, reminding me that faith was how we were going to survive this year.  People probably thought I was crazy.  I was laughing, singing and crying all at the same time.  He followed up with “Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend.  After that, the day couldn’t bring me down.  I emailed my hubby and told him that I felt LOVED.  That God wanted to let me know He was with me and He would communicate it through any means possible. 

So when you hear or see God in something that doesn’t call itself specifically “Christian” be glad!  He won’t be contained by our boxes, ideas or thoughts of how He should look. He makes Himself visible for all to see, you just need to open your eyes and look.  Or maybe you just need to listen.  You may actually be surprised where you hear Him.