IMG_7061So it was a few days ago, and I don’t even really remember what I was reading/watching.  It really must have been FB or something, and reading comments about the problems at border detention facilities.

They kind of bugged me.  Why?  Well they kept calling for the government to be compassionate and I thought… how?  A government is a thing.  It can’t be nice and it can’t be mean.  It can be neither loving or unloving.  Now it can take steps to alleviate suffering at the border, but because it is made up of separate people with differing ideas that isn’t as streamline a process as it seems.

When I think of government, I remember Samuel’s warning to the nation of Israel when they wanted a king.  That they were more likely to be oppressed by their new king than anything else.  They went with him anyway, and found a whole mess of trouble in the process.

So what is my response?  As a Christian… better yet….as someone who is really trying to live how I believe Jesus is leading me to live.  There are a lot of statements in the Bible about the widow and orphan, but people just as quickly counter them with something about people following the laws.  I do have guidance though, and that is the words of Jesus and the instruction He gives in the greatest commandment.  Love God, Love others.  So I guess my response is love.  So how do I do that?

I guess if you are close enough, you can go and help.  If like me you aren’t, you give.  Find an organization that is working to help those who need the help, and support them. If you pray….then pray!  This is a problem that was generations in the making. So pray that this is the time we finally come up with some solutions to the mess. 

Then definitely write, call, urge those who are in a place to make the changes.  Tell them to find common ground, and even uncommon ground.  Let’s not let them put their head back into the sand, like we have done in the past.

images-6Above all, I would urge you to respond in LOVE. When you serve, pray, give and speak with people.  Right now I am reading the letter from James, the brother of Jesus.  This letter in the bible could have been written to us today.  In it he urges those in the early church to refrain from prejudice, seek wisdom from God, not just listen but do what God says and to not be angry.  The anger part set alarms off in my head, because I hear a lot of anger today.  And while you may have a reason to be angry, it is not the best motivator.  Anger wanes, dissipates, or even worse eats you alive.  Lose the anger, and seek love to fortify your heart with resolve to motivate you, to keep moving forward and be the change our world needs.