So timing is everything.  The older I get, the more I believe that.  I have been reading through the bible.  I’m not on any plan, timeframe or anything like that.  I read, ponder, and write.  I may read a little one day, a lot, or I might even skip a day.  (shhh….don’t tell anyone)  Some days I just re-read what I’ve previously read, and stop and ponder it more.  Those days are the best!   Those are when the word of God matches perfectly with my mood, or the events of the world to bring me a specific message.

dsc_0901When I was reading the letter from James, Jesus brother, he talks about waiting patiently while you are going through trouble.  My first reaction was to think, I better hold onto this because we are walking through trouble. But my mind rebelled.  What trouble?  Well, I tried to come up with some, but really couldn’t.  I mean I know Mikey has radiation coming up, but that pales in comparison with what he’s been through.   The boys are doing pretty well, and a couple are even thriving. Then I thought back to a couple of verses before.  And it says, “Your gold and silver are corroded.  The very wealth you were counting on will eat away your flesh like fire.”   That one got me, because for a long time money has been a real problem for me.

It was like God opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective.  I have always worried about money.  How much, where will it come from, why can’t I handle it better and will it be enough.  I had lived most of my life with a scarcity mentality.  Even when we had enough, even more than needed, I still had those same fears.  I realized though that it had changed.  Or at least is changing.  I think I have taken my trust and more fully put it in God.

95db9173fc534431901bac5e38166c5cThat morning I realized that God had given me what I had always wanted, and the funniest thing is that they all started with P.  I always wondered why pastors did alliteration, well I guess that is just the way He works sometimes.   I had peace, provision and His presence.  It was like a new page was turned in the book.  Things I had been praying for, wanting, needing had finally come true. Or at least I now could see more clearly where God had put them in my life.  That is where the song came in.

It was playing in a loop in my mind.  It kind of cracked me up, because I can’t remember the last time I’d heard the song.  There it was though, in my mind playing over and over again.  The song?  “Hold on” by Wilson Phillips.

It has been a long road to get here, and when I realized that the chorus of the song matched where I was at, it was amazing!  Each day all I had to do was hold on.  Make it through one day at a time, until things, people or myself had changed.  Today, I can say they have.  I’ve made it through to the other side.  (At least for some things) All it made me feel was grateful.  Thankful to not only be through to a new stage of life, but oh so grateful to be able to identify it.  To give thanks for not only the destination, but to even be overwhelmed with gratitude for the entire journey.

IMG_7943The best thing is, I know that I’m not alone. Just hold on….one more day!  One day at a
time.  Whatever breakthrough you need, it’ll happen when the time, place or you are just right.