So my son called last night.  He calls when things are really good, or when they are really stressful.  So last night’s call was because of stress.  It has to do with his living situation and some from his job, so he was calling for some encouragement and direction.  Funny thing was, I gave him the same advice that I always do.  Why?  It is the only thing that works for me, and he is my son, and the apple don’t fall far from the tree.  Lord help him!  So what did I tell him?  Do good things for yourself! 

IMG_3126 When I mean good things, I am always talking about the same three things.  Rest, food and some spiritual nourishment.  It is amazing what I can handle when I am fed, rested and got some God in me.  Likewise, when I am low on those three, it is amazing to see what I cannot handle.  Even the simplest of days become too hard to handle.  It is scary how weak I can actually be? 

 So I told him to get some food, try to rest, and if that means finding rest is at the park or the beach, then do it!  Most of all, I always encourage him to put good stuff into his pretty little head.  There are great podcasts of sermons and books from so many different people, that give courage and hope.  These are the things that I do for myself, and that I encourage him to do.  They are the things I would encourage anyone to do. 

 If you are tired and feeling a little hopeless, eat, rest and seek.  You may find just what you are looking for in those three simple steps.