images-5You know this writing thing is not all that it’s cracked up to be.  I sit, I ponder and usually out come words.  Then I am stuck.  No, it’s not writers block, I just know that I am going to start deleting words.  I guess it keeps me humble?  So I’m gonna start where I think God wants me to, and delete those other 400 words.

“May God continue the unity of our country, as this railroad unites the two great oceans of the world.”


This is the engraving on the Golden Spike, which is the last spike that was driven during the ceremony connecting the Transcontinental Railroad.   I happened to be in Sacramento a couple of weekends ago, and saw its twin, the Lost Spike.  The original is at Stanford University, but the Lost Spike is in the California Railroad Museum.  I had never seen it before, but was surprised by its beauty and of course by the inscription.

I was actually shocked when I read it.  I am not sure what I expected to find on this piece of history, but I was not expecting that!  The words made me think.  How can this engraving, one hundred and forty- eight years old, still be the cry of our heart today?   Or wait, maybe that is the problem.  Maybe we have such contention because it is not the cry of our heart?

Now I know we don’t all think alike, have differing opinions on some very serious matters, and those issues are incredibly important.  So what kind of unity can I really expect in this day and age?

Well, as a Christian, I guess I am really looking for unity from the church.  And there I am stumped, just like I am when I look at the world at large.  So where can I go?  Well, I guess I just should have started with Jesus.  He is the ultimate in unity.  I mean really, He’s got that whole trinity thing going on. And there I find what I am looking for, the one thing that is echoed from the old testament into the new.

Love the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.    Matthew 22:36-39

Come on Church, it is four simple words.  Love God, love others.  We can debate a whole lot of issues, theology and what our government should or should not be doing.  There is one thing that that we should be able to rally around, and live out.  That is loving God and being a good neighbor.

The more contentious we get, both in and out of the church, the more I believe that this Unknown-1is the only way.  If we want things fixed that are broken?  Love God, love others.  Do you want safe schools and better test scores?  Love God, love others.  How about widows and orphans?  Love God, love others.  Our environment? (And yes, I think that needs fixing) Love God, love others.

I know.  How is that supposed to work?  Well to tell you the truth…. Beats the heck out of me?  All I know is that every time my heart feels a burden about anything, whether it is healthcare, the environment, the homeless, they hungry, the poor, schools, crime…whatever!  God brings me back to those four words.  Love God, love others.  For the last week I have actually been trying to find my way around it.  I know…..I am not a very good Christian.  My problem with this solution is how is it going to fix the big picture?   Yes, I just read what I wrote.  How can God NOT know how to fix the big picture?  Well, I still have lots of questions.  What I do know is that every time I asked God the questions He still pointed to the same answer.

imagesSo I think to myself?  How is this going to look?  I don’t know, but I really want to find out.  So are you or do you know someone who is living that “Love God, Love Others” kind of life?  Please leave a comment, and tell me your story.  It would be an encouragement to me, and I am hoping that it would do the same for others.