IMG_5156What happens when in one day, you are going from the mid eighties to the mid ninties, after weeks of  the mid seventies?  You head to the coast.  And when your hubby wants to take sunrise pictures, you get up at dark thirty so that you can make it to the coast before the sun comes up.

IMG_5163At 3:30 this morning, I was really not in the mood to worry about my own camera, so I just decided to use my iphone.  I snapped a good amount of pictures, but not too many.  It had been a long week.  My brain had been on overload and I wanted to spend some time just enjoying the beauty that surrounded me.

IMG_5157The area of California’s central coast that we love to visit is packed
with trails, oaks, scenery and cool (freezing) ocean breezes.  This trip we traveled up to Ragged Point in the north, and on down to Avila Beach in the south.  We stopped for coffee in Cambria and visited the Vault Gallery.  If you are ever in that area, it is a great place to stop, we saw some amazing art!  It was definitely worth the extra time to visit and enjoy some great photos and paintings.

I do love the pictures I took, although  they are not fantastic.  The fog really does not help when you want to take landscapes.  It does though give you some moody pictures, if you can catch it right.  This time, luck was on my side for a couple of the pics.

IMG_5202Truthfully, the quality matters little to me, as the most important thing was to relax and just enjoy the beauty that God created.