I feel like God has really been trying to convince me how important images-6His love is.  I know that seems really silly, of course His love is important.  I mean really, He so loved the world.  This is Jesus 101.  Where the problem lies is not if I “get it” or not, but if I really choose to accept it and just do it.

Now I was really encouraged by a song I heard on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I looked a little more into it.  The song?  Well it is not your typical “christian” song.  It is “Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend.  What I find so interesting in this song, is that he writes it from God’s viewpoint.

“Let my love open the door to your heart,” says the chorus.

And my favorite line of the song:

“When everything feels all over, everybody seems unkind.

I’ll give you a four leaf clover, take all worry out of your mind.”

 I know it seems weird, but when things are rough and I do not feel like I have it together, God always shows me something that “takes all worry out of my mind.”

Now this song was not written by a person with an orthodox view of God, by any stretch of the imagination.  But… that does not mean that the words do not capture what is true about God.  One of the images-5lines seems to be what my mind is struggling with a lot these days, “Love can cure your problems.”  Do we really believe that?  Do I really believe that?

I would like to think I do, but I look around me and do not see love curing our problems.  I wanted to write this whole smart article about it, but I couldn’t.  Why?  Well, I used the song as a starting place, then I googled information about the song, why he wrote it, blah blah, etc etc.  And I think that may have been the problem.  Maybe the song wasn’t the place where I was supposed to start, maybe it was the place where I was supposed to end.

No matter what the question is, or the situation, it just doesn’t matter.  When you get images-7through all the arguments and perspectives there is only one thing that makes sense.  And that is His love.