images-2Well I was spending some time with someone recently that I wasn’t particularly excited about.  You know…. It is one of those situations where you are going to have to hear their story again, and it is kind of heavy.  He had fallen on hard times, and had started questioning God. 


So I knew the kind of stuff I was going to hear, and because I didn’t see a lot of answers IMG_5202for him, I wasn’t looking forward to the visit.  I’d heard from others all about the problem, and their take on it.  You know, the whole why he was in this mess, and then how he could turn it around.  It’s always so easy to answer the questions from the outside.  Now sometimes that outside perspective is good to have, but sometimes people just talk without one crucial piece of the puzzle.  And that could very well be a heavenly view of the whole thing.  That view brings a whole new way to look at things.

Who was I visiting?  Well it is Job.  There is a whole book of the bible dedicated to the story of this man, and as a Christian for many years, I still have only skimmed the book.  Well that was until this past week.  What I loved about it was the pure humanity that I saw in the story.  This guy going through a huge trial, friends come and pretty much give their opinion and then God comes with His perspective to show that they were all a little off.
The book is 42 chapters long, and while I was expecting it to take me a little longer to read, I found that I finished it quickly.   Why?  Because it was like watching reality TV or something.  It was so compelling, because it was so truthful.  Especially Job.  How he continues to question God regarding the way events have unfolded.  He sounds like us.  He sounds like me.  And it’s not the “oh I have faith” kind of questioning either, but the raw “why” kind.  I am grateful that God can take that kind of questioning from us, and even more so that He is willing to give an answer.