images-2What happens when you focus so much on yourself and your own problems that you can’t see anything else?  I have gone through so many different emotions today.  I woke up and was feeling pretty down.  I am feeling some stress from the decisions I have made, and so I was trying to work out some of my feelings.  (wow….used the word feelings a lot) Maybe that was my problem this morning?  So many feelings, but so little perspective.

As I did some bible reading, I felt better.  I am in the Psalms and if you have never read them, there was a lot of questioning going on from a guy named David.  He had some high points in his life, I mean really who else does God call a guy “after my own heart”, but there were also times where he feared for his life.  During one of those times he writes “How long, O Lord?  Will You forget me forever?”

images-4The cool thing about David is even while he is so focused on the why, he continues to look to God for answers.  David continues the questions until he starts to see in a different way, and where he ends up is totally different than where he started.  His perspective has changed, and he even says “I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.”   Well that was quite a turnaround?

Why do I love this?  Because it sounds like me….. It sounds like us.  Typically, we can either find a friend who will listen, and they may give us good counsel and encouragement or they will burden us with opinions. There is another option.  We can just take it to God, and give Him the opportunity to “work it out” with us.  I know….. I am talking crazy now.  The funny thing is, the situation hasn’t changed for me, but something about my perspective has.  I know of people who are dealing with much heavier issues than I am today.  I also remember the times that God has come through for me and my family in the past, and that gives me hope.

imagesRecently I reviewed a book on my blog, I Didn’t Sign Up for This, by John Westfall.  One thing that grabbed me from the first, (Easy since it was in the beginning of the book) was his describing following Christ in faith as a “great adventure”.   He talks about thinking that “as soon as I got my life all together and was successful, the adventure would begin.”   Since I enjoy going on adventures, (within reason) his perspective resonated with me.  So much so that I now think of this whole “Jesus” thing as an adventure.

IMG_1830So, how is this all going to work out?  I simply have no idea?  What I do know is that on this adventure, I am trying to take the focus off myself, and keep it centered on the One who already knows the destination.  It’s a little scary, and while the road ahead a little curvy, I am adjusting my vision from the rearview to straight out before me.  Looking ahead so that I don’t miss out on the new possibilities that He has for me.

So….How do you adventure?

Scripture references:  Psalm 13:1 & 6 NASB