For a while, I have had a love/hate relationship with living in the Central Valley.  It may be because I bought into what people were saying….there is nothing to do!

IMG_6894Well, this isn’t the bay area, where there are plenty of museums, venues, and events, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do!

Case in point, the Kingsburg Historical Park is hosting an interesting exhibit on the Japanese internment experience.  While it may be small, it provides some perspectives and spurs questions that are applicable even today.

The few things that really stood out to me…..


The word “assist” in Civilian Exclusion Order #33.  A very civilized word, for a very uncivilized action.  Euphemisms abound…..


IMG_6896The question of loyalty.  How it turned out to be not such an easy question for them….and how even today it would make some think twice.



IMG_6899While there was so much heartache in the exhibit, there was much courage too.  Those who worked to help Japanese Americans, and those who proved their courage and loyalty by serving in the  442nd.

This is a traveling exhibit that will be in Kingsburg until February 6th.  I would encourage anyone who is interested in a clearer picture of history, and lessons for today to go and see this presentation before it moves on.  If you are not close to Kingsburg, the exhibit has been put together by the Go For Broke National Education Center.  You can check them out at to see where it will be traveling next.

IMG_6901I will have to say….I shed tears as I walked through the exhibit.  Especially when I came to the last section.  That last question wondered…. who might be next?   Even as I pondered the question, I took one last picture as I left.  While there are many problems…and big ones that we should not ignore, I do have hope.  Love God….Love Others.