IMG_6847I think it is going to be an interesting year.  There are things that I am looking forward to, but I also feel a little concerned.  Why?  Well it all comes down to themes.  When I read or see things, sometimes themes appear.  So far this year, I have seen this thread of beauty through pain, and it has caught my attention.

It was reflected in the conversation of mother who is watching the cancer spread through her daughter’s body, but showed such strength, love and hope in that same conversation. 

IMG_6844I saw it in the craggy coastline that was created by wind and pounding surf.  Powerful forces of nature that in one sense can take away, but in another sense leave a vista that is awe inspiring.

IMG_6836It echoed in the wind as it whipped onshore, creating a breathtakingly beautiful tree, that isn’t native to any other location.

I heard it in the definition of Kintsugi.  The art of repairing broken pottery with precious metals.  Of creating something lovely out of brokenness.


Kintsugi really caught my eye because it seems to be a picture of how God works.  He takes what is broken, and binds it together with love.  He fixes us with something so very precious, making us whole again.  And while the scar remains, it is not meant to be hidden.  It is there to be seen and marveled at for its beauty.