UnknownOnce there was a woman, and she had gotten her feelings hurt.  Nothing too bad, but the unkindness hit her especially hard at that time.  Maybe she was feeling a little vulnerable.  Anyway, the more she tried to analyze the situation, (sound like anyone you know?) she decided that the only thing she could really do was pray for them.  She did that, not because she was so smart, but because the hurt was taking over her mind.  She knew the person was probably tired, and under some stress.  She also knew that the reaction she had received was not normal for them.  It was then that she thought, better me than someone else who maybe wouldn’t be able to let go of the hurt.

UnknownShe did ask God, why?  Why do I have to be the one to feel this way?  Why did they have to hurt me?  It was then that she was reminded….  It is because you know how much I love you.  Sometimes He comes up with the craziest answers.  You see…she knew the truth in that statement.  It went back to Mary of Bethany and her family.  Jesus had a close relationship with them and there are a few stories in the bible where He either teaches them, or uses what is happening in their lives to make a point.

She wondered if they felt anything like she did?  Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  Did they wonder…why did this happen to us?  Why to me?    It was then that she wondered, maybe Jesus knew that they were secure in His love.  Jesus knew He could let them go through some pain, uncomfortableness or death (?), because no matter what happened, they would continue to look to Him for an answer.

UnknownShe then thought, what about me? Was she that secure in Jesus love that He could let her be a little hurt to make a point?  You see because in the end, she did look to Him for an answer, and she knew she had gotten it. She trusted that hurt she felt to God and put her hope in Him to redeem the whole crazy thing for something good.  Did she feel loved?  In a funny way…. She did.  While she didn’t totally understand, she laughed anyway and just shook  her head.

But she did.

She found her “moral” to the story, but what about you…..  What would have been your take away?