It is all about your view.  The first two pictures were taken during the summer inYosemite, by Mirror Lake.  There is a whole area where people have stacked rocks. (Much to many people’s irritation….but that is a story for a different time)





The third was a stack that was done by the Merced River in the park. (Ok…I did that one)  I liked how much bigger it looked when I snapped a picture from a low angle.  It made the rocks look only slightly shorter than the trees.   I was pretty impressed with all those piles of rocks, as they seemed like a memorial of some sort, put there to remind someone of something.   That was of course until our last visit this week.




IMG_6801I took a picture of my son under Half Dome, and it was then that my perspective changed.    When I see my son, (who happens to be the tallest in our household at 6’1) looking so small.  And I think of the things that seemed so amazing, be so dwarfed by what God has created, I knew I didn’t want to be “impressed” by little things any more.

Whether it is mercy, peace, justice or most importantly love, even my most amazing efforts don’t come close to what He can do.   They are like the little rocks stacked in the shadow of something that is truly amazing.

And His efforts cannot be hidden, they shine even through any shadow…..there is no hiding them!