So I am finding it hard to write.  Why?  Mostly because I seem to be… can I say this?  Wordy.

thSo today, since I am not feeling well (still feeling the effects of the flu) I am going to try and make these observations short.  These are just some things that have stood out to me the past few days, and they seemed appropriate to think about on this day we remember the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I read the following verse this morning…… Jeremiah 22:13  And woe to you, King Jehoiakim, for you are building your great palace with forced labor. By not paying wages you are building injustice into its walls and oppression into its doorframes and ceilings. 

 I started today by looking at some quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  As I read some of his most famous quotes, I realized something very interesting….. This man had some amazingly wise things to say.  I know…. Duh!  As I read through these quotes, themes started to appear.  One of those themes?  Creativity.

 I also went to a MLK Day event.  I was really sad because I got there late, and was frustrated because I really did not know about it till it was too late.  Could it have been more “advertised”….. yes.  But really…. I am smart enough to know that if I want to go to an event like this, I should be looking for it.

While I was at this event, I spoke with someone who knew my son.  She told me about a time when she’d advocated for him.  It did my heart good to hear about this, and it reminded me what a wonderful world we can have, when people will stand up for what is right.

I am thankful that I was finally able to go to church on Sunday, and in that service my pastor said that it was Ok to hate some things.    Poverty, racism and my own sin.  Maybe when we finally choose to hate these things and not people, God can finally work through us.

LORD, sustain me as you promised, that I may live!  Do not let my hope be crushed.    Psalm 119:116